Feeling safe, and knowing our loved ones are safe is the greatest gift of all.



Anywhere, anytime.

p.s. i need help!

According to police statistics, the majority of victims carry a smartphone, but they don’t know how to use it effectively in case of emergency.


Private Sentinel provides a reliable solution in these situations. When someone's life depends on how quickly they can get help, there is no time to make phone calls.

But if there is a chance to notify their loved ones, their friends or the people around them by pushing a button, their stories will likely have other endings.


It's time to pay attention to each other.


How it works

Thematic alerting

multi-channel alerts

sentinel network

Medical, Fire, Police, Terror

Choose alert type to receive the type of help you really need.

We use a multi-channel notification system, with simultaneous alerts to bring help as soon as possible.

Even without mobile data.

Not only family and friends, but our whole Sentinel Network can help.

activate an alert from your pocket or purse, without using your phone

Detailed & protected

personal data


Invisible mode



Simple set up



Easy to use



Map view



Basic & Pro





I'm safe button



4 alert types



Alert with SMS



Alert with email



Alert social media



Alert to Groups



Alert to Sentinel Net



Audio & Image


PS Sticker

The App

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Extra slim design

Pairs via iBeacon BLE 4.0

1 year guaranteed battery life


Easy to setup & use




'Sport is part of my life,

I love to run in the park.

When I finish late it is

already dark. Private

Sentinel makes me feel

more safe.'


'It's great to know my

family members have the

chance to get quick help

even when I am not close

to them!'

(Jill & Andy)



'As a teacher it was always

my biggest fear to lose a

student on a field trip.

With the Private Sentinel

geofencing I am more relaxed.'


'Dad loves wandering in the

park. But sometimes he falls.

I don't want to lock him up in

the house, so I needed to find

a reliable solution. Private

Sentinel is just that.'




Made for You



The Sentinel Network

Our SafetyNet Network is a community of Private Sentinel App users (Sentinels)

family & friends

The more the better!

Family or friends –

make multiple groups

to take care of each other!

Create groups

When you start an alert, nearby Sentinels are alerted and can provide assistance.



If your location changes, Sentinels within your actual range will be automatically notified.

The Team

Csaba bartal, Founder


barnabas takacs, Founder


"Nothing is impossible since man walked on the Moon!"

"The birth of an idea is just a moment , but it takes years to accomplish."

Csaba mate, Partner

doug makishima, Partner


"Obstacles can be frightening but only when you take your eyes off your goal."

"You are your life experiences."


  • What are the compatible smartphones?

    The mobile application is supported on iPhones from iOS 7 and above, and on Android from 4.0.2 and above.

  • Does the app work worldwide?

    Wherever your smartphone is covered with at least a GSM cellular service Private Sentinel and the Sentinel Network can assist our users.

  • What can the service do if I am in an area with poor signal or even no data connection?

    Our multiple channel alerting (SMS, email, social, groups and Sentinel Network) is a complex and robust system, that is managed by the Private Sentinel servers.

    If there is only GSM cellular service available, the mobile application sends all the necessary information encrypted in an SMS to the Private Sentinel server which then decodes the message and starts the same multiple channel alerting. So our users don’t have to be concerned about data connection when in trouble.

    A working and reliable data connection is ideal for the tracking functions though.

  • Battery consumption

    The background services of the application will not drain considerably the battery of the phone.


  • Who knows my position, am I tracked all the time?

    The decision if they let group members see their exact position is on our users.

    When Invisible Mode is turned on, only the Private Sentinel backend services will track a user’s position. These datas are encrypted and fully kept in secret. It is important to understand, that logging out or force the backend tasks to stop can affect the efficiency of the assistance in case of an outgoing alert. If the backend services are lack of the user’s position, Private Sentinel will not be able to effectively notify the predefined contact persons, group members and the Sentinel Network.

  • How do you use my personal data?

    Privacy is our highest concern. We retain our users’ location information only for alerting purposes. After 24 hours previous position data is wiped off from our database. We are always using the latest available and best proved security solutions to keep our users data private and safe.

  • Do I have to pay for the SMS messages?

    Our users with a valid subscription don’t have to pay for those text messages which are sent to the predefined contact persons. An alert which is activated with no data connection will generate a single text message which is sent to the Private Sentinel servers. This SMS message might have extra costs based on your mobile operator’s service plan.


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